About this item:

  • We offer the best world-class mandala/tapestry in this competitive market that is the lowest in price without sacrificing the quality.
  • This product is a twin mandala. Size matter when you need more space to sit/play or more people need to accommodate.
  • This product has a unique design, which looks more elegant and eye-catching to anyone.
  • It has crafted from soft, lightweight cotton + finished with a mesmerizing colorful motifs.

This beautiful design would makes excellent - personal use - has multiple uses:

  • A vibrant and hip Dorm room accessory.
  • A Beach Blanket / Sun Canopy.
  • A Picnic Blanket.
  • A gorgeous Wall Hanging / Ceiling Cover.
  • A beautiful Bedspread or Coverlet.
  • A cozy Throw.
  • An elegant Tablecloth.
  • A Room Divider.
  • A Furniture Cover.


  • This product is made of 100% Cotton fabric - which gives a smooth feel because of its strong and durable weave.
  • Hand-blocks printed design.
  • It is a rectangle mandala of the size 85X55 inch (215.9 cm x 139.7 cm).
  • It weighs ~425gm.
  • It is featuring a central Mandala with round circle(s), curve(s) rings in single/various colors.
  • Color may vary as photos are taken with/without flash. But we bet, the actual look and feel is beyond imagination.


  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not wash in warm/hot water.
  • Do not try in dryer or direct sunlight. 
  • Tumble wash or hand dry only.
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